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High-converting video ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. Social media sites are used to create content and communicate with customers. Paid social ads are an effective way of increasing sales and improving conversion rates. Unfortunately, many social media campaigns see sub-par results due to their static creative. Video ads have been proven to drastically increase sales and conversions.


Increase your campaign more effectiveness and increase ROI.

With the busy lifestyles that customers lead, it is more important than ever to make a positive first impression. We create videos to capture your customers’ attention and to educate them with your brand. With less than 3 seconds to do so, we ensure that they will understand what you have to offer.

Social media advertising is powerful, effective and measurable marketing for any business. The challenge with building effective campaigns always comes down to creativity.

  • Is the ad entrancing enough to get the customers attention and stop them from scrolling past?
  • Does the ad offer a solution to a problem or present the idea of FOMO?
  • Did it explain what product or services you have?

When using text, photo and graphic ads you limit the effectiveness to capture the customers attention. These types of ads are requiring the customer to process the information which takes more time from them to relate the items shown.

Video ads on the other hand, captures the customers attention with a story and creates a deep connection with your business and products. You only have a split-second to keep their attention, long enough to educate them on what you have to offer and to present a call to action before they move on to something else.

Social Media Ads are no longer liner type advertising. One size does not have to fit your customers anymore. Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising and many more allow you to target verify specific demographics. From strategic variables like Men 18-35, single, enjoy craft beer, travel frequently, visits Fernandina Beach, Florida two to three times a year or Women 25-40, kids, frequents Rebounderz, watches River City Live. These refined details will allow you to create unique ads to the cliental that you want for your business.

Our ads aren’t meant to blanket cover every customer. We partner with you and design ads that speak directly to the target audiences you market to. This lends its self to show different video ads, to different people, at different times - and increase your overall effectiveness (and reduce your advertising costs.)

Let's look at a tangible example:

A small but growing automotive shop. Customers go to the automotive shop primarily for the quick service of an oil change and praise the shop on social media for the quality service, but they need to market their other services to grow past oil changes.

Not every automotive shop can mount and balance new tires, perform front end alignments, work labor intensive repairs and service oil changes. So, we create visual video ads that showcase the work this automotive shop can do.

  • A video ad of before and after a new tire service (aimed at customers who live in one aera and work in another)
  • A video ad for front end alignment (Aimed at people who are drive sport cars)
  • A video ad of extensive labor repairs (Aimed at people who watch YouTube videos on how to self service)
  • A video ad of testimonials from female customers (Aimed at single women, 40-65)
  • A video ad hiring new technicians (Target local competitors workforce)

By tailoring your video ads to your various core demographics, you can consistently attract more customers in an effective, scalable manner.

Video is a phenomenal way to stand out from your competitors, both locally or online. While competitors may be able to match your pricing, it's impossible for them to replicate the other core elements of your business - from your team, to your office and your story.

There are many variables when launching an effective video ad for your business, but two that are the backbone of every ad.

  1. Proper configuration of the campaign, implementation and analytics.
  2. The actual video ad that the customer views.

A unique and creative video ad won’t help your business if the campaign ads are not properly setup. Even if you blasted it out on your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. All ads need strategic implementation, proper configuration and analytics to track the success of each ad.

KBJR Media directs all of our efforts on the second part of this equation. High concerting video ads that draw potential customers to your brand and products.  

KBJR Media works in tandem with your marketing team. As they develop an effective strategy, we focus on the creation and delivery of assets for each campaign.

KBJR Media has identified this to be the best approach for video ads. It allows us to focus our time, energy and creativity in perfecting the video ads while giving your marketing team or ad agency more control over the campaign execution.  


Increase ad effectiveness

Video ads increase the convincing power of your offer, meaning you can spend the same amount of money but get more leads/conversions.

Decrease advertising costs

A dynamic video ad will improve your relevancy scores, giving you a lower CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and CPM (cost-per-million impressions).

Improve brand recognition

Video ads can paint a vivid picture of your product or service, including explainers, unboxing videos, reviews, before/after’s and more.


See real client examples.


Collective uses for Social Media & Paid Ads

KBJR Media knows how important video is to any business.  Here are some of the awesome ways you can leverage this video asset in your business to increase sales and success.


Check out what our clients say

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Fun Fact:

When recording video in 4k at 30 frames per second, it can take up to 1.5gb for a single minute of content. On average KBJR Media records 120 minutes of content per brand story so we can create one video. Thats roughly 180gbs to make one video. 



When you work with KBJR Media, you’re not just getting a video production company, but a partner in marketing and business as well.

We reinvigorated the video industry by creating a full-service video agency with the creativity, speed, and cost of a small agency.

Shot 100% on-location

KBJR Media comes to you. We shoot and edit right here in Northeast Florida. Local talent and workforce.

Always on-brand.

Our video assets match your brand from messaging and tone, to color and fonts. We want customers to recognize your brand.

Fast. Really fast.

We design, build and refine our process continuously so that we can get your brand to market ASAP.

Accessible pricing.

When making impactful videos for all business, big or small, they should remain accessible in pricing. No gimmicks or hidden fees.

Turn Key Packages for all Production.

We offer scaleable production packages to make video accessible to all levels of business – from one-person startups to international orgs.

Effective, Strategic, and high-performing business videos for all brands in North East Florida.

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